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Finding some better keywords and doing keyword research for SEO is a very important process for finding and analyzing keywords that people type into search engines. Now let’s move on to the first question we have what are better keywords and how to find better keywords for the business?

What is better keywords for the business?

A better keyword is a keyword that has an important search volume, high relevance, strong conversion ability, and reasonable competition. Better keywords improve your website’s SEO, rankings, visitors, and mainly earnings.

Search Volume:

It has sufficient users vigorously searching for them in the search engines. There’s no point in optimizing for terms that people are not searching for on Google and another search engine.


It should be relevance the topics your audience is interested in and related to the products and services your website offers. Relevance is important factor to find better keywords for the business.

Conversion Value:

conversion value means good conversion results for your business via these keywords. this should increase your product sales, Signups on our website, and related call and queries.

SEO Competition:

Better keywords for your business should have low or reasonable competition. Targeting your audience with too difficult keywords are waste of time and money. Analyzing your competitors and finding Better Keywords for the Business.

User Intent:

You while finding better keywords for the business user intent should meet the user’s search.  if you use any keyword which is not the intent of a visitor will not good for your business because of that your website will not ultimately satisfy your user’s needs. for example, a user looking for the best jogging shoes is probable not interested in the cheapest sports shoes.

How to find better keywords for the business?

  1. Decide the Keywords Aim: The first step in finding a better keyword for the business is to decide the keyword’s aim or goal. Write down what outcomes you want to achieve with this keyword.  The Aim will help you to make an SEO strategy, Marketing content and to find the best suitable keywords for your business.
  2. Research on your Competitors keywords: This is also a good way to find a better keyword for the business. Analyze your competitor’s website to find out which keywords they are ranking on top for on google search.
  3. Apprehend Keyword types: There are multiple types of keywords in digital marketing that should be apprehended.  Short Tail Keywords, Medium Tail Keywords, Long Tail Keywords, Informational Keywords, Transactional Keywords, and Navigational Keywords. These main types of keywords.

Short Tail Keywords are only 1-2 words in length and have high search volume and high SEO competition also. these are not good conversions able because the search intent can be confusing.

Medium tail keywords are 3 to 4 words in length and have moderate search volume and average competition. Search intent is more clear, making them good keywords to target.

Long tail keywords are 5 or more words in length and have a very low search volume and the lowest competition. Search intent is fully clear and specific. These keywords are easy to focus on website ranking.

Informational keywords are good for informational content, mostly use these types of keywords that answer visitors’ questions and mostly start with Why, What, When, Where, Hoe, Can, Do, Does and etc.

Transactional keywords have high search intent for taking an action and start with Best, top, buy, purchase, sales, near me and etc.

Navigational Keywords help users find a particular website, product, brand, or place.  these types of keywords are related to your business because the searcher is trying to find your office, the company or brand’s contact information, location, or customer support details.

Why Finding Better Keywords is important for the Business?

Keyword research helps a business to find best possible keywords to target audience to get valuable queries that target audience is actually looking on the search engine. People use keywords to find a solution when anything searching online. If your targeted keyword search is getting successful than you stand to gain more traffic. Conducting effective keyword research can provide you with insight into current marketing trends. 

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