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Everyone knows that the google is world’s most popular and best search engine and more than 8.5 billion searches are done per day.  More than 2.5 billion searches are done in India. India had over 800 million internet users and almost 95% of people search on google if he or she is looking for any services or products. After this pandemic, online product and services sales have grown drastically. Today it is important for any big brand or any small business to be available on google. More than 800 million people can be your potential customers.

Google Ads formerly known as Google AdWords is an online advertising platform provided by Google, where any brand or business can showcase their services and products to web users. Brands can place ads on google search engines and other google partners’ web portals. Google offers these services and PPC (Pay Per Click) pricing model and this is the main source of revenue for Google.As if now you have understood what is Google Ads or PPC.

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi

Google Ads Or PPC


we can understand how Google ads of PPC work.

Adword algorithm is based on cookies and partly on keywords provide by advertisers. Google uses these features to show advertisers’ products and services on google search. Google charge to showcase any brand’s ads on google and click on those ads. Ads can be run in local level, national level or international level.

For search engine advertisement advertisers can create text ads, where he or she can use a call for action button to get direct calls from customers or a call for action button to get the direct customers on the website, and many more.

Display ads are a little bit different from text ads. In-display ads, advertisers can use images to showcase their products or services. display ads are shown on the google partners’ website, the algorithm works similarly to text ads. which is a good advertising type for any business, this can be analize by various feature providers by google ads like google analytics, google trends, and many more. Google Ads Services provider companies can run both ads for 15 to 30 days to analyze the better results according to businesses.

Google ads start giving you results in very few days but running long-term ads gives out cost-effective and better results. the ads expert who works on these ads gets data day by day to analyze and rectify the ads for better results.

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