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When a single post becomes popular, digital marketers may experience a sense of magic. When you succeed without a clear strategy, perhaps a supernatural force is at work. However, you are the one working the magic when your content strategy is centered on shareable content. Utilizing the benefits of social media platforms that are intended to keep users engaged is the primary objective of social media marketing. Your followers are working for you when they like what you post and share it with their friends. Without your intervention, word about your brand spreads naturally. For this reason, we created this topic to assist you in learning how to produce shareable, impactful content for social media. So let’s move ahead.

Digital marketers sometimes feel as though magic has happened when one of their posts goes viral. When you achieve success without a specific plan, a mysterious force is at play. When your content strategy is focused on shareable material, though, you are the one doing the magic. The main goal of social media marketing is to make use of the advantages of social media platforms that are designed to maintain user engagement. When your fans share your content with their friends and enjoy what you post, they are promoting you. Word of your brand automatically spreads without your intervention.

For a detailed guide on producing content that your audience will want to share with their friends, continue reading.

The influence of downloadable material

Whether you publish on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram for business, you should always aim to create material your target market would be willing to share. There are several valid explanations for this.

Engagement: Sharing material makes it simple to interact with your clients, both existing and potential. By interacting with them, you may help customers begin or continue their customer journey and develop your brand’s relationship with them. 

You can observe potential prospects who connect with them when your fans share your material, which increases the size of your audience. Encourage the practice, and you’ll increase your reach while learning crucial information about the preferences of your audience. Free publicity: It’s true that nothing is truly “free,” but shared posts are like free advertisements. 

Brand building: By making posts shareable, you have the chance to develop a public persona that exemplifies your principles and sense of humor. This is more than just a showcase of your goods and services. Though it takes time, developing a brand is the best approach to appeal to more people. One approach to achieve that is to produce material that people want to share.

Important components of powerful shareable content

The idea of newsworthiness lies beneath the method of how to make something relatable and shareable to a bigger audience. You must be extremely clear about why you are sharing content when you press the publish button, just like journalists do when they write an article for a newspaper. Newsworthy pieces should:

  1. influence the intended audience in some way
  2. Have closeness, which denotes that something is nearby
  3. Be current, as yesterday’s news is already history.
  4. Have conflict or something that presents multiple viewpoints
  5. Be unusual or unique in some manner.

Consider your social media updates as news for your clients, both present and future. For instance, every event you plan is newsworthy! So keep these guidelines in mind while you create a social media plan. Remember the idea of newsworthiness. Consider ways to keep material current, evoke feelings, provide value, and appeal visually.


Shareable material must be timely and meaningful to the reader or viewer in order to be considered relevant. Relevance differs depending on the platform as well as the intended audience. Say, for illustration, that you wish to introduce a new team member. For LinkedIn, a brief profile and headshot make appropriate, but an Instagram Live video with some personality would be preferable.

Business-related photographs, breaking news stories, and other carefully curated content can all be considered relevant content on Facebook. Consider the real-world conversations you can start on Twitter. On Pinterest, which is centered around images, you can link to the goods and services on your website. Instagram is a terrific medium for sharing posts that showcase your greatest goods and services and give a behind-the-scenes look at your company.


Shareable information must also elicit feelings from the reader. It may be simple to overlook the fact that those who scroll through social media are actual people looking for purpose and worth in the information they discover there. 

Think about the popular streaming entertainment of today. Because the information is relatable, they are entertained. Any coffee enthusiast, for instance, would appreciate seeing how the baristas create stunning artwork in the foam of a latte. If it’s very impressive, maybe that’ll be enough to get them inside the café.


Post subjects other than commercial material to make people more likely to want to share. Blogs, white papers, and even infographics that are educational in nature improve people’s daily lives. Follow the “80-20” rule, which states that just 20% of your social media posts should be used to directly promote products or services.

Aesthetic appeal

No matter the platform, the most engaging material is also the most visually pleasing. Be deliberate when including visuals in text-based content. To make your social media postings stand out, use social media tools like Canva to generate stunning layouts. Keep an eye out for services like Constant Contact that naturally include Canva in the creation process.

If your post appears good on their screen, even if the content is exactly the same, you’ll have more people clicking the share button.

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