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Important steps you should consider while you launching a new website

Being a digital marketing company it’s an overwhelming task when your client asks for new website. the very first step you should keep in mind that you need to start promoting your site so real, human visitors can find you and enjoy your content as well as your website should be SEO friendly.

Usually lots of novice companies they only think that building and designing your site is only the first step but they don’t know how to launch website which gives you a wide SEO aspects and gives you niche users in your website.

This post is really important for you when you are ready or almost ready to launch a new website. Digital Dezire will help you to avoid those mistake which people often do:

1. Close attention on your Site structure 

While you creating a new website you have to very clear why you creating this site and what you will give to your users. you need to always keep user requirement in your mind and maintain the quality as well. Google loves what users love. Google suggests that users who are on your homepage should be able to access every other page within 3-4 clicks on your website. Consider a flat site structure, which will make it easier for both users and search engines to understand your website.

2. Categories your website with niche keywords

Before putting any keywords in website you have to be insure that keywords should relate to your products and keen research about what exact phrase or keyword will hit your audience. if you are providing multiple service then you need to break those services into small categories. 

3. Optimize your website with on-page SEO fundamentals

On-page refers to optimize your website which give you organic search result and it will also give good sign to search engine that how well you organize your website that meets all fundaments which google sets

  • Title tag
  • Meta title
  • Description
  • Meta Description
  • and so on.

4. Pay attention on Content

It’s a game changing work if you were putting a content on your website. Content helps you to show your relevancy on your work or on your product. if you are not focusing what your content is then it might be chance you will sabotage your search or your popularity.

Make sure your content should SEO friendly and informative. If you can shoot for 1,200+ words per piece, you have the best chance of ranking in the search engines, and the best chance of getting links to your site.

5.  Add your website on Google Search Console

If you meet all pervious criteria then you are ready to activate google search console (formally google webmaster) for your website. Search console will help you manage the health of your site and finds any issues on your site.

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